Shipping Container Business Ideas

shipping container restaurant

If you are considering buying a shipping container and wondering about what possible business ideas you might be able to do with it, you have come to the right place. In this article we will share a number of possible shipping container business ideas housed in empty cargo containers, most of which are already running […]

How To Insulate A Shipping Container

Conex container

How To Insulate A Shipping Container So you have purchased a shipping container and are wondering what you need to do to make it ready for use? One of the most important renovations that you can look to do is to insulate the inside (and possibly the exterior) of the container. In this article we […]

Converted Cargo Containers

The ever increasing popularity in shipping container homes is inspiring people right across America to expand their creativity to a range of new projects using converted cargo containers. Sourcing and buying used shipping containers has never been easier with the help of our zip search too and the price is relatively cheap compared to other […]

Shipping Container GPS Tracking

Future Of Smart Shipping Containers In recent years there’s been a demand for better transparency and improvements with security in the container transport supply chain. Typically, when a shipping container is loaded onto a cargo ship its location and arrival cannot be pinpointed, so the only tracking available is of the vessel it’s been loaded […]

Five Advantages of a Shipping Container Storage Facility

Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing one, utilising new or used shipping containers in a storage facility is a great option and investment into a well proven business model. We examine five reasons why opening a shipping container storage facility makes business sense, when compared to a traditional storage business. 1. […]

Shipping Container Workshop

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile products available when it comes to construction projects. They’re relatively cheap to purchase, extremely durable, secure, portable, easily modified and perhaps the best point: sourcing a shipping container for sale near you has never been easier thanks to our zip search feature. The height of a standard […]

Shipping Container Depot Near Me

With 38 container depot locations nationwide, Conex Depot have an outlet near you. Use our zip search tool to find your nearest container depot. We offer new and used shipping containers for sale in all sizes and configurations. We also offer nationwide delivery to customers anywhere in North America (Hawaii and Alaska excluded). If you […]

Shipping Container Delivery Truck Types

When it comes time for the delivery of your shipping container it’s important you understand the options available to you because using the correct equipment can save you time and money. Conex Depot use a variety of third party trucking partners to deliver empty shipping containers. As we offer a ground delivery option as our […]

Shipping Container Lock Box Usage and Installation

What is a shipping container lock box and how can it better secure your storage container? A shipping container lock box is a small steel rectangular box that is mounted to the door of a shipping container. The steel box acts as a protective housing for a padlock, while the padlock itself secures the doors […]

How China Built a Coronavirus Hospital In Just 6 Days Using Shipping Container Like Structures

China is well known for having the ability to fast track construction projects. In the city of Wuhan, (which is at the heart of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak) Chinese authorities are on track to have a treatment hospital built in a record breaking six days from start to finish! So you might be thinking.. how […]