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Shipping Container Grades

New (One Trip) Shipping Containers:

All ‘new’ containers sold in North America have actually been used once, hence the name new (one trip).  Approximately ninety five percent of new shipping containers are manufactured in China where factories load them with goods then move them via cargo ship from China to the United States.

A high demand for products being exported from China produces a constant need for empty shipping containers, which are effectively just used as a type of packaging. Loading the new shipping containers with goods defrays the cost of shipping with the majority of the cost being covered by the end buyers of the products being imported.

Having traveled only one trip by sea the new containers are still in perfect condition when they arrive, but after an 8,000 mile journey the exterior will have a few minor marks, scratches and possible minor dents from the process of being loaded and transported. When aesthetics and durability are important, purchasing a new one trip container is your best choice.

Our new one trip containers are sold with a 10 year factory warranty.

Cargo Worthy (CWO) Shipping Containers:

If you’re intending to ship your container via cargo ship to any destination outside of America you’ll need to purchase a Cargo Worthy grade container. Also known as sea worthy, these used containers are structurally sound and are typically 8-15 years old.

Shipping lines require that containers are inspected and certified by a qualified surveyor prior to being loaded for export. Conex Depot can arrange an inspection for you for a cost of $149. We guarantee that if you buy a cargo worthy grade (or new one trip) container from us, it will pass the surveyor’s inspection.

For more information on container inspection and certification click here.

Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Containers:

Also known as A grade, these containers are for the budget conscious buyer looking for container that’s suitable for home storage. They’re typically twelve to fifteen years old and have been retired by shipping lines and leasing companies after being used for transporting cargo internationally.

The condition is well used with many dents, scratches and some surface rust present. The floor will be well worn and there may be repaired sections in the walls. They’re inspected at the depots to check that they’re wind and water tight, which basically means there’s no holes and the doors will seal and keep water out.

These containers can no longer be certified for transport by cargo ship, but they’re perfect for home storage, local transport or construction purposes. WWT containers have passed an inspection that deems them to be structurally sound. This is required because they’re are often stacked eight containers high at the depots. Currently WWT sales make up approximately 60% of our sales. Some initial maintenance may be required on these containers.

We Don’t Sell:

The grade we don’t sell is B grade or AS-IS containers. These are damaged are usually sold based on how many hours it would take to repair them. Buyer beware: some other resellers purchase these containers and refurbish them. The risk with buying refurbished containers is that they are just an old rusted out container with a new shiny paint job.