Buyer’s FAQ

How long from the time I order until delivery?
Our normal delivery time is 3-7 business days for stock that is on the ground and accessible in the depot. If you need your container sooner, we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we suggest completing your purchase sooner than later to secure the truck delivery schedule. Delivery timelines for reserved inbound stock does vary due to shipment delays.

How much space is required for delivery?
Please take a few minutes to read our detailed delivery guidelines. For a 20FT storage container, you will need a minimum 60 feet of straight-line clearance. For a 40FT or 45FT storage container, you will need a minimum of 100 feet of straight-line clearance. Gate widths must be a minimum 10 feet and low hanging tree branches should be a minimum 14 feet, but additional clearance is needed at the drop location so that the truck bed can be raised up.

What type of truck is used to deliver a storage container?
We deliver all containers using tilt bed trucks and trailers that have the ability to place your storage container onto the ground. The truck bed or trailer is raised up until the end of the container is touching the ground. The truck is then slowly moved forward and the container gently slides off. Our highly experienced drivers have the ability to place your container exactly where you want it.

If you have the ability to unload a shipping container yourself using a forklift or crane please talk to your salesman, as we may be able to offer you a discount on the delivery fee, particularly if the unit is traveling long distance. 

Is there any site preparation necessary?
The only thing you need to worry about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. Our trucks can unload your container onto cement, pavement, asphalt or gravel, but we suggest placing pavers, concrete blocks or cut railroad ties under each corner to raise the container off the ground a little. This allows air to flow under the container and makes it easier to pick up if you ever need to move it.

What payment types do you accept?
Shipping container purchases must be paid for in full, prior to delivery. We accept both personal and business checks, Wire and ACH payments, Bank deposits, Visa and MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Zelle payments. 

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, discounts are available to senior citizens, Military personnel (both active and retired) and federal government employees using the following coupon codes at the checkout:

SENIOR: 5% OFF order total

MILITARY: 5% OFF order total

GOVT: 5% OFF order total

Don’t qualify? No problem, you can still get a 2.9% discount off of your purchase by using one of our cash like payment options such as Check, ACH, Wire or bank deposit.

Can anyone own a shipping container? Do I need to register it?
Anyone can own a shipping container and no, it does not need to have the ownership transferred to you, nor does it need to be registered. You may wish to check with your local county if a storage container is allowed in your area though. The serial number printed on all four sides of the containers (the BIC code) is used to identify the unit during international shipping and storage in container ports.

Can you add a man door or roll up door?
Unfortunately Conex Depot cannot offer container modifications. The reason is because we sell at wholesale, so our containers are delivered direct from shipping containers port and depots where import and export container are stored. The good news is shipping containers are easy to modify yourself. Start a DIY project today!

My container doors won’t close properly. How do I fix this?
Placement of your container onto level ground is very important. If you cannot position it onto level ground you will need to level it after delivery. Containers that are not level will twist, which is a direct cause of doors not closing properly. Please review this video which shows how to level a shipping container using a floor jack.