Shipping Container Lock Box Usage and Installation

What is a shipping container lock box and how can it better secure your storage container? A shipping container lock box is a small steel rectangular box that is mounted to the door of a shipping container. The steel box acts as a protective housing for a padlock, while the padlock itself secures the doors […]

How China Built a Coronavirus Hospital In Just 6 Days Using Shipping Container Like Structures

China is well known for having the ability to fast track construction projects. In the city of Wuhan, (which is at the heart of the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak) Chinese authorities are on track to have a treatment hospital built in a record breaking six days from start to finish! So you might be thinking.. how […]

Are you a Hoarder, Collector, or just a Shopaholic?

Is your home bursting at the seams with clutter? How many of those items do you actually need and use regularly? If you’re like most Americans you have at least one room, a garage, basement, or attic full of items you’re not using regularly. When you live in one place for more than a few […]

Shipping Container Sizes and Prices

If you’re considering purchasing a new or used shipping container one of the first things you need to know is the sizes.  The two most common shipping container sizes available are twenty foot and forty foot long. They come in two height options: Standard (also known and dry vans) are eight foot six inches tall […]

Storage Container For Sale

A storage container is a great way to remove clutter from your home or office, but how do you go about buying a storage container? Step 1: Decide on the size of storage container you need The two most common sizes are 20ft and 40ft long, which offer 1,169 cubic feet and 2,660 cubic feet […]