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Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is an inland shipping container depot location and transportation hub where intermodal Conex boxes are transported both by rail and road throughout the city. Indianapolis is geographically located in the West and its extensive network of both railroad freight routes and interstate highway system make Indianapolis a hub for container shipping in the USA. The Conex Depot Indianapolis container storage facility is located at ZIP 46225

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Indianapolis

Buy Shipping Containers in Indianapolis. Buy a shipping container from Conex Depot, with all different sizes of both new and used cargo containers for sale. Conex Depot sells to both individuals and to businesses in the greater Indianapolis region and in 38 cities all over the USA. It’s easy to contact us and buy a used shipping container direct from Conex Depot in Indianapolis. You can save money and time shopping around by talking to one of our ConexDepot service representatives online.

Indianapolis shipping container projects and shipping container related businesses
Hi-Fi Annex – Indianapolis outdoor music stage

The Hi-Fi Annex is an Indianapolis outdoor music stagebuilt out of a repurposed shipping container. A shipping container outdoor music and concert venue in Indianapolis named the “Hi-Fi Annex” is breaking the traditional way outdoor events are run. The outdoor live music venue in the Indianapolis neighborhood of Fountain Square has a performance stage that is fashioned from a used cargo container. The unique, open-air stage is made out of a 40-foot, red steel shipping container customized and installed for performances and is set in the parking lot behind the Murphy Art Center, 1043 Virginia Ave. One of the sides of the Hi-Fi Annex container space will fold down to open a space large enough for performers. After a show, the platform may be folded up and used as storage to secure other equipment. Other features of the venue include an artist “green room” with a couch, refrigerator and air conditioning and a storage room to hold tech gear. The Indiana Independent Venue Alliance, a nonprofit organization is behind the project – with a mandate to provide resources and support to assist Indiana’s live music industry. There are future plans to add six smaller shipping containers exterior of the parking lot for use by sound technicians and event vendors.

Tiny Urban Escapes – a shipping container hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.

A story in features the story of luxury accomodation built out of renovated Conex containers for those looking for something different. “Tiny Urban Escapes” is the name for 5 luxury semi-glass container cabins disigned by Canadian designer Glasshaus just a few minutes drive outside of Indianapolis in the verdant Eagle Creek Park. Each container measures a cozy 20’ x 8’ (160 square feet) and is outfitted with such amenities as glass walls, minimalist decor concept, one queen bed, a chandelier over the bed, private deck with lounge chairs for relaxing, The sea container rooms share a common area with a fire pit and complimentary bicycles for exploring the park. The “Heiress Ivory” and “Moroccan Manor” themed rooms rates start at $179 per night. Tiny Urban Escapes is situated near two of the city’s tourist spots: Eagle Creek Park and Traders Point Creamery. Those with extra budget may also upgrade with a Bohemian picnic, private chef dinner al fresco, or outdoor wellness experience with yoga, and energy healing therapy.

Shipping container home developments, Shipping container apartments and tiny homes in Indianapolis

Prefab Modern shipping container homes in Indianapolis. Homebuilder Ursula David, the president of Indy Mod Homes approached a mobile home factory in Indiana with her concept of renovating sea contai ners into private living spaces. David had her first Conex container home built in 2012 in the Cottage Home neighborhood of Indianapolis. The idea has since grown into a business building and selling the custom cargo container homes. One of the homes was priced at $379,000 and is outfitted with interior finishes and drywall, sinks, cabinets, faucets, tile, and light fixtures. “The house is built in a factory. Then it’s delivered to me in pieces on flat-bed trailers,” says David. The building crew requires approximately 45 days to produce a fully finished living space. The final steps require the addition of a foundation, siding, utility connections, and any needed landscaping on the lot. “I have a crane on site. We lift the boxes off the trailers, and set them on the foundation—and voila, we have an almost completed home,” David says.



Indianapolis, Indiana national highway intermodal transportation routes

List of Interstate Highways in Indiana on which freight is shipped via Intermodal container: The network of Interstate highways in and around Indianapolis consists of four Interstates which intersect the city: Interstate 65, Interstate 69 (Longest Interstate in Indiana), Interstate 70, and Interstate 74.

Two auxiliary Interstate Highways are in the metropolitan area: a Metro Loop(Interstate 465) and connector (Interstate 865).

Secondary routes are the U.S. Highways 31, 36, 40, 52, 136, 421.

Indianapolis Railroad Conex container shipping routes

Most of Indiana’s container shipping on railroad lines is conducted on five Class I railroads; CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National Railway, and Canadian Pacific Railway, and Union Pacific Railroad Co.

The primary railroad container shipping terminals serving the Indianapolis area the 2 largest rail roaads: CN – Indianapolis (Senate Avenue Terminal) 1585 S. Senate Ave., CSX – Plainfield 501 S. County Road 800E. The remaining Conex freight transport is operated on shortlines and regional rail lines like the Indiana Rail Road; Indiana & Ohio; Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad; Elkhart & Western Railroad; Evansville Western Railway; Indiana Northeastern Railroad; Indiana Southern Railroad; Lake Michigan and Indiana Railroad; Louisville & Indiana Railroad; Louisville New Albany & Corydon Railroad, and the Respondek Railroads.


Indianapolis main export businesses that use shipping containers

Indiana’s Leading Export Industries are centered around vehicles and parts, industrial machinery and pharmaceutical products. The state’s biggest exports are: Miscellaneous medications: US$3 billion, Motor vehicle transmissions: $2.3 billion , Small gas-powered trucks: $2.1 billion , Aircraft including engines, parts: $1.71 billion , Immunological goods for retail sale: $1.67 billion , Large automobiles (piston engine): $1.44 billion , Diesel engines: $1.42 billion , Artificial joints, parts, accessories: $983 million, Trailers, semi-trailers (housing, camping): $820 million, Composite diagnostic/laboratory reagents: $703 million

Many of Indianapolis’s largest companies employ shipping containers in their business

Anthem, Eli Lilly and Company, Steak ‘n Shake, Purdue University, Franciscan Health, Guidant, The Health Care Group, Finish Line, USIC, Celadon Group, Arcadia Resources, H. H. Gregg, Inc.

Using Cargo storage containers for self storage in Indianapolis

A very popular use for various sizes of steel shipping containers in Indianapolis is self storage.
Consumers usually either buy a used shipping container or rent one from a Indianapolis shipping container seller and store it on their property or rent a space to park the storage container. Conex Depot specializes in the sale of shipping and storage containers in the Metro Indianapolis area and can give you advice and pricing on the best size of shipping container for your personal storage or business storage needs. Whether you need a storage container for keeping inventory, securing construction materials, or storing furniture during a remodeling project, we have a number of storage solutions that will meet your needs.

Conex Depot offers all sizes and grades of shipping containers for sale in Indianapolis. Our sales team offer free project advice and the very best pricing on quality new and used shipping containers. Call now: (661) 412-2227.