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Local Economy of Shipping Containers in El Paso

El Paso is an inland shipping container depot location and transportation hub where intermodal Conex boxes are transported both by rail and road throughout the city. El Paso is geographically located in the South West and its extensive network of both railroad freight routes and interstate highway system make El Paso a hub for container shipping in the USA. The Conex Depot El Paso container storage facility is located at ZIP 79928 located near the intersection of Routes 10 and 375

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in El Paso

Buy Shipping Containers in El Paso. Buy a shipping container from Conex Depot, with all different sizes of both new and used cargo containers for sale. Conex Depot sells to both individuals and to businesses in the greater El Paso region and in 38 cities all over the USA. It’s easy to contact us and buy a used shipping container direct from Conex Depot in El Paso. You can save money and time shopping around by talking to one of our ConexDepot service representatives online.

El Paso shipping container projects and shipping container related businesses

TI:ME at Montecillo – shopping retail center built out of shipping containers. “Thinking outside of the box’ is a cliche for innovation, but in the case of the TI:ME at Montecillo, we should be saying “thinking inside the box”…a Conex shipping box to be precise. A retail center complex in Far East El Paso near Pebble Hills, is made out of repurposed shipping containers hosting an Anytime Fitness, several retail shops and featuring a bar and restaurant. Local architecture firm Root Architects is behind the innovative shopping center built primarily out of sea containers. Check out TI:ME at Montecillo in the city’s Zaragoza area near Pebble Hills located at 4935 N Mesa St #2, El Paso. The most well known shipping container business that was previously built in El Paso would be the Coffee Box in El Paso city Centrex.

Shipping container home developments, Shipping container apartments and tiny homes in El Paso

Shipping Container Homes Could Meet Housing Shortage Demands in El Paso. Website reportsabout the movement to create affordable housing for El Paso residents out of used Conex containers. Homes made from shipping containers have been a niche market in other areas of the country and is has gotten started in El Paso.

El Paso based Atomic Container Homes Inc. is a designer, developer of container home projects, constructs the container homes at its factory in El Paso, Texas. ACHI has been operating in the government sector for over 10 years and have spent the last several years developing up new divisions. With container housing projects already in collaboration partners in Louisiana, ACHI is looking at developing container living spaces for the El Paso real estate market.


El Paso, Texas national highway intermodal transportation routes

List of Interstate Highways in Texas on which freight is shipped via Intermodal container. El Paso is situated right on the Rio Grande across from the Mexico – United States border from Ciudad Juárez as a major US Mexico border crossing.

Primary highway access to the region is provided by Interstate 10 (I-10), which extends between Jacksonville, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. I-10 stretches more than 2,400 miles across eight states, passes through 17 major urban areas.

The main Interstate and highway routes that connect El Paso are: Interstate 10 is the main thoroughfare through the city.


El Paso Railroad Conex container shipping routes

The main container shipping railroads in El Paso are the: Union Pacific intermodal Terminal Santa Teresa which provides intermodal and other services to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas through El Paso. Union Pacific Railroad Dallas Yard, BNSF / Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Railway Co travels to Los Angeles and Chicago. All U.S. commercial shipping container rail carriers connect with their Mexican intermodal terminals in El Paso/Juarez.

El Paso Port of Entry Trade

The PDN Port of Entry is located at the Paso del Norte International Bridge. Being a major US – Mexico border crossing at Juarez for shipping container freight, the trading partner using this port is Mexico. The top products imported and exported through this port are electronics, machinery, vehicles


El Paso main export businesses that use shipping containers

According to the El Paso Times, El Paso is ranked the 11th largest exporter of goods among 388 metro areas in the United States making it one of the most important container shipping exporters.Texas largest exports: Crude petroleum oils: US$57.9 billion, Miscellaneous petroleum oils: $25.4 billion, Light petroleum oils: $22.7 billion, Liquified propane: $10.5 billion, Aircraft including engines, parts: $10.2 billion, Computer parts and accessories: $9.8 billion, Integrated circuits (processors/controllers): $9.1 billion, Modems, similar reception/transmission devices: $4.2 billion, Machinery for making semi-conductors: $3.8 billion, Natural gas (gaseous state): $3.6 billion

Many of El Paso’s largest companies employ shipping containers in their business:

Western Refining, Inc, El Paso Electric is a regional electric utility, Helen of Troy is a leading global consumer products, EP Techworks, Mount Franklin Foods, Hunt Companies, Bay Valley Foods, Biotech, NBS New & Used Furniture, Walmart , Philips Electronics North America Corporation

Using Cargo storage containers for self storage in El Paso

A very popular use for various sizes of steel shipping containers in El Paso is self storage. Consumers usually either buy a used shipping container or rent one from a El Paso shipping container seller and store it on their property or rent a space to park the storage container. Conex Depot specializes in the sale of shipping and storage containers in the Metro El Paso area and can give you advice and pricing on the best size of shipping container for your personal storage or business storage needs. Whether you need a storage container for keeping inventory, securing construction materials, or storing furniture during a remodeling project, we have a number of storage solutions that will meet your needs.

Conex Depot offers all sizes and grades of shipping containers for sale in El Paso. Our sales team offer free project advice and the very best pricing on quality new and used shipping containers. Call now: (661) 412-2227.