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Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Omaha

Omaha is an inland shipping container depot location and transportation hub where intermodal Conex boxes are transported both by rail and road throughout the city. Omaha is geographically located in the Mid West and its extensive network of both railroad freight routes and interstate highway system make Omaha a hub for container shipping in the USA. The Conex Depot Omaha container storage facility is located at ZIP 51501, north of the I-90 and just west of Harry Langdon Blvd in Council Bluffs.


Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Omaha

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Omaha shipping container projects and shipping container related businesses

Fair Deal Village MarketPlace shipping container business in Omaha. Fair Deal Village MarketPlace sits on the site of a former Omaha institution – the Fair Deal Café – which served Omaha customers for over 40 years at 2118 North 24th Street. The space has been given new life through an innovative development employing empty shipping containers converted and outfitted for occupancy by bsuiness tenants. Fair Deal Village MarketPlace has a second life (after the closure of the original Cafe in 2003) as retail spaces to create a shopping and entertainment and arts district.

The Fair Deal Village MarketPlace is redevloped by OEDC (a nonprofit organization) to provide an entry specifically targeted at low- and moderate income business owners who may be unable to afford to rent traditional commercial space in Omaha. The development would allow these new business owners an opportunity to find unique and affordable commercial spaces in repurposed shipping containers. and to benefit the neighborhood of North Omaha, with its history of poverty and socio-economic problems. In addition to a reborn Fair Deal Cafe, Fair Deal Village MarketPlace is home to and eight artisanal business spaces and the Fair Deal Grocery Market. The Fair Deal Village MarketPlace Shops at time of publication are listed as Emery’s Cafe, D-Marie Hair Boutique, Haberdash O.N.E., Web Master Electronic Repairs, Divine Nspirations gifts and Jewelry, Still Poppin Gourmet Popcorn, Ames Florist. “It brings positive [change] to the corridor,” says Terri Sanders, the development’s site manager. “These businesses provide not just economic development for the business owners, but it also provides jobs to support them.”

Shipping container home developments, Shipping container apartments and tiny homes in Omaha

Omaha city officials believe the city has a problem with affordable housing and for many people owning a home seems out of reach. An Omaha city council member is behind an idea that could prove to be an affordable way to provide housing to Omaha residents who are living on limited incomes. Councilmember Ben Gray is looking into using empty cargo containers for future housing projects in Omaha. “I have had conversations with a couple of people who are interested in the possibility of container homes and it has been done in other parts of the country so it’s not like it’s a new thing,” says Gray. Some builders claim to be able to renovate the unused Conox container and build a container home inside for as little as ten thousand dollars.

There is a precedent for shipping container housing in Nebraska. In nearby Lincoln, a sea container housing build named Containers on Vine Street by Nebraska Home Investors who work in buying, renovating, renting and selling properties. The sea container homes are compact and simple. Constructed out of one 20-foot Conex box on top of two other boxes, combining to form a 500-square-foot living space with one bedroom, one bathroom and a rooftop deck. The developer has introduced the container homes to the market via offering short-term vacation rentals on Airbnb.

Omaha, Nebraska national highway intermodal transportation routes

List of Interstate Highways in Nebraska on which freight is shipped via Intermodal container

The main shipping cointainer indermodal highway routes in and around Omaha are the Interstate highways of I-80, I-480, I-680, I-29, and U.S. Route 75 (JFK Freeway and North Freeway).
The longest of these is Interstate 80 (I-80) at a length just over 455 miles spanning across the state.

The Nebraska State Highway System supports the intermodal shipping system by offering Direct interstate highway access, high and wide clearances for cargo.

Omaha Railroad Conex container shipping routes

Omaha has historically been called the “Gate City of the West” owing to its central location and role as a rail hub for shipping container freight. Omaha is the location of Union Pacific Railroad’s corporate headquarters, located in downtown Omaha.

The main container freight shipping routes in Omaha are transported on the following major Nebraska railroad lines:
BNSF Railway (BNSF), Canadian National Railway (CN) through subsidiary Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad (CC), Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) through subsidiary Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad (DME), Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS), Manning Rail (MANR), Nebraska Central Railroad (NCRC), Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway (NKCR), Nebraska Northwestern Railroad (NNW), Omaha, Lincoln and Beatrice Railway (OLB), Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad (RCPE), Sidney and Lowe Railroad (SLGG), Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

The Port of Omaha

The Port of Omaha is a port of entry with freight and container transfer facilities on the west side of the Missouri River. The official address is located at 5229 Boeing Court in East Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska.


Omaha main export businesses that use shipping containers

Nebraska’s top 10 exports: Soya beans: US$677 million, Beef cuts (boneless, fresh/chilled): $592 million, Beef cuts (boneless, frozen): $474 million, Corn: $397 million, Combine harvester-threshers: $347 million, Natural gas (gaseous state): $269 million, Solid residues including soya bean oil-cake: $230 million, Pork cuts (fresh/chilled): $195 million, Pork cuts (frozen): $182 million, Insecticides: $178 million

Many of Omaha’s largest companies employ shipping containers in their business.

Union Pacific, ConAgra Foods, Peter Kiewit Sons’, Valmont Industries, Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc., West Corporation, Werner Enterprises, Inc., Nebraska Furniture Mart, Godfather’s Pizza, United Parcel Service

Using Cargo storage containers for self storage in Omaha

A very popular use for various sizes of steel shipping containers in Omaha is self storage.
Consumers usually either buy a used shipping container or rent one from a Omaha shipping container seller and store it on their property or rent a space to park the storage container. Conex Depot specializes in the sale of shipping and storage containers in the Metro Omaha area and can give you advice and pricing on the best size of shipping container for your personal storage or business storage needs. Whether you need a storage container for keeping inventory, securing construction materials, or storing furniture during a remodeling project, we have a number of storage solutions that will meet your needs.

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