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Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Norfolk

Norfolk is a coastal shipping container depot location and transportation hub where intermodal Conex boxes are transported both by rail and road throughout the city. Norfolk is geographically located on the East coast and its seaport and extensive network of both railroad freight routes and interstate highway system make Norfolk a hub for container shipping in the USA. The Conex Depot Norfolk container storage facility is located at ZIP 23321, east of the 64 and south of the 460 in Chesapeake

Popular Shipping Containers Uses in Norfolk

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Norfolk shipping container projects and Shipping container home developments

The Director of strategic housing for the Virginia Housing Development Authority, Chris Thompson, is behind a project to covert used shipping containers to help address the need for affordable housing in the Norfolk area. The Newport News Housing and Redevelopment Authority has plans for two prototype houses made from cargo containers. Norfolk will be the second city in Virginia after Richmond to work with the modular housing building. The building blocks are provided by “upcycled” empty cargo containers which are assembled out of multiple shipping containers joined together to create the finished home. Thompson thinks this type of container house may wellbe a viable solution to fill the gap between Virginians seeking affordable housing options and the available propeties on the market. The state agency is contibuting two 960-square-foot finished homes, each fitted with three bedrooms and two bathrooms to get the project started.

Shipping container homes are environmentally friendly and energy efficient

In an interview with 10 On Your Side News, Co-founder of indieDwell Pete Gombert said that only 25% out of the total number shipping containers imported to the United States ends up being refilled and exported again. This is leaving a troubling number of empty, unused shipping containers near port cities like Norfolk. The company looks to purchase containers that had been used only once and would eventually ended up being scrapped. This reuse or “upcycling” of the Conex boxes not only helps reduce building costs, but repurposing the sea containers into homes helps upcycle 9,000 pounds of steel. This should make environmentally conscious Virginians very happy. This concept involves very little waste production, according to Gombert. The Conex box homes are also very energy efficient, with utilities costing in the neighborhood of $50 per month. Estimated prices for a shipping container home range from $55,000 all the way up to $479,000 at the high end. The homes can either be single-family or stacked on top of each other and connected with additional containers to form larger structures. The idea for student housing at a Norfolk college has also been suggested.


Norfolk, Virginia national highway intermodal transportation routes

List of Interstate Highways in Virginia on which freight is shipped via Intermodal container

The major east-west highway routes in the Norfolk area are Interstate 64, U.S. Route 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard) and U.S. Route 60 (Ocean View Avenue). Norfolk’s major north-south routes are U.S. Route 13 and U.S. Route 460, also known as Granby Street.

The Other main roadways in Norfolk include Newtown Road, Waterside Drive, Tidewater Drive, and Military Highway with the Hampton Roads Beltway (I-64, I-264, I-464, and I-664) which makes a loop around Norfolk.




Norfolk Railroad Conex container shipping routes

The Norfolk Southern Railway is a U.S. Class I railroad owned by Norfolk Southern Corporation operating 20,000 miles of track over 22 states and the District of Columbia. The Norfolk, Virginia-based railroad provides service to every major Eastern seaport connected by an extensive intermodal shipping container network. The Heartland Corridor is a public-private partnership between the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) and the Federal Highway Administration to provide railroad freight operations. The plan was put in place to develop travel on NS freight rail lines between the Norfolk, Virginia ports and major Midwest destinations—Chicago, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio. One of the project’s objectives was to increase height clearances in tunnels to enable the operation of double-stack intermodal trains.

Port of Norfolk – The Virginia Port Authority

The Virginia Port Authority (VPA) owns The Port of Virginia, a group of several related facilities centered at the harbor of Hampton Roads, Virginia. The four principal facilities of the Port of Virginia are marine terminals, located at the harbor of Hampton Roads. Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) at Norfolk, Virginia. Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) at Portsmouth, Virginia. Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT) at Newport News, Virginia. Virginia International Gateway (VIG) at Portsmouth, Virginia. Norfolk International Terminals is the biggest of the four facilities, with an area spanning 648 acres. The Norfolk terminal posesses fifty-foot-deep entrance channels at the north and south ends with a high volume of shipping containers. NIT terminal is connected via Interstates 64, Insterstate 564, and Terminal Boulevard, and through rail lines serviced by the Norfolk Southern Railway, CSX Corporation, and Eastern Shore Railroads.

Norfolk main export businesses that use shipping containers

The major commodity freight imported through the Port of Norfolk includes mineral fuel and oil; machinery; salt, sulfur, earth, and stone; fertilizers; and furniture and bedding. The major commodities exported are listed as mineral fuel and oil, cereals, fertilizers, food waste, animal feed, and wood pulp. Virginia’s Top 10 Exports: Coal (non-agglomerated, bituminous): US$2 billion, Integrated circuits (memories): $694 million , Aircraft including engines, parts: $600 million, Semi-trailer truck tractors: $503 million, Soya beans: $489 million, Office machine parts and accessories: $367 million, Kraft paper, paperboard: $272 million, Unmanufactured tobacco: $238 million, Artificial filament of cellulose acetate: $215 million, Solid residues including soya bean oil-cake: $211 million

Many of Norfolk’s largest companies employ shipping containers in their business, Concursive, Beacon Holding Inc, Dominion Enterprises, Doumar’s Cones and BBQ, Giant Open Air, Hofheimer’s,, Landmark Media Enterprises, Lombart Instrument, Maersk, Norfolk Southern Railway, Sentara Healthcare, Virginia Stage Company, Waldo & Lyle, P.C., XTuple

Using Cargo storage containers for self storage in Norfolk

A very popular use for various sizes of steel shipping containers in Norfolk is self storage.
Consumers usually either buy a used shipping container or rent one from a Norfolk shipping container seller and store it on their property or rent a space to park the storage container. Conex Depot specializes in the sale of shipping and storage containers in the Metro Norfolk area and can give you advice and pricing on the best size of shipping container for your personal storage or business storage needs. Whether you need a storage container for keeping inventory, securing construction materials, or storing furniture during a remodeling project, we have a number of storage solutions that will meet your needs.

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