Shipping Container Sizes and Prices

If you’re considering purchasing a new or used shipping container one of the first things you need to know is the sizes. 

The two most common shipping container sizes available are twenty foot and forty foot long. They come in two height options: Standard (also known and dry vans) are eight foot six inches tall and High Cube (HC) are nine feet six inches tall. All cargo containers are made a standard eight feet wide. The only exception is fifty three foot containers, which are built for the rail industry. Before you get too excited about owning a 53FT container though, you should know that they’re rarely available for purchase!  
The next factor to consider is the grade of shipping container you want to purchase. So what grades are available?
Conex Depot offers the following three grades of shipping containers for sale.
1. New One Trip: These are brand new containers that have been loaded once, then shipped from Asia to the US where they’re unloaded and sold. All “NEW” containers sold in North America are actually one trip units and the majority are beige or tan colored. They come with a lock box for extra security and they’re sold with a TEN YEAR warranty! 
2. Cargo Worthy: If you’re shipping goods internationally you’ll need to buy a cargo worthy grade unit as a minimum and have it inspected and certified by a surveyor before you load it. We can have your container inspected at any of our thirty-eight nationwide depots for just $149!
3. Wind and Water Tight: If you’re a budget conscious buyer these units are your best choice. They’ve been retired after ten to fifteen years transporting international cargo so they’re well used. You can expect some surface rust, dents and repair patches, but every unit is inspected for structural integrity and we guarantee no holes, so your container will still keep the critters out and your valuables will be dry and secure.   
Buying a shipping container is much like buying a car. You can save some money by buying used and it will still be functional, but expect high milage and signs of wear and tear. If looks are important though, you need a warranty and a lock box – go with a new one trip container. 

Now that you’re better informed about the sizes and grades available you can use our zip search tool to find your nearest shipping container depot and then get a delivery quote. 

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