Are you a Hoarder, Collector, or just a Shopaholic?

Is your home bursting at the seams with clutter? How many of those items do you actually need and use regularly? If you’re like most Americans you have at least one room, a garage, basement, or attic full of items you’re not using regularly. When you live in one place for more than a few years it’s easy to build a collection of clutter.

For most of us the reason we can’t part with these items is that we paid good money for them and of course we think we’ll end up needing the items at some time. Generally speaking people who fill their homes with clutter are divided into three categories: collectors, hoarders and shopaholics. A collector is a person who collects books, paintings, old coins, antiques, stamps, shells or artwork and usually does it as a hobby or enthusiast.

A hoarder starts off collecting, but the main difference separating a collector from a hoarder is that a hoarder doesn’t know when to, or how to let go of clutter, which eventually turns into an addiction. A shopaholic on the other hand is what most of us are when it comes to the ease of completing an Amazon purchase.

Two issues many of us end up facing are lack of storage space and being able to find the item we’ve been holding onto when we actually need it. A storage container is one solution which can help overcome both of these issues. Whether you choose to buy a new shipping container or a used shipping container, you can do so with ease online. Just search for a shipping container near you using our zip search tool.

When it comes time for the delivery of your shipping container, you just need to prepare a level spot for it. It’s important to ensure the storage container has the weight evenly distributed on the four corner castings – doing this will ensure ease of opening of the container doors. We also suggest placing railroad ties or pavers under the four corners of the unit to keep it off the ground a little. This will help to allow for air flow under the storage container.